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95% of our records are original top quality 45's EP's & LP's pressed in the UK between 1953 and 1968. Some of the categories we have sections for include
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Usually a couple of hundred in stock most of which are 1950s hits ranging in price from £1 to £7.50. However, we do keep a selection of more expensive 78s such as 1959 & 1960 issues and Rock an Roll.

Original casts
Hundreds in stock. (UK & USA).

1970s, 1980s & 1990s
We stock an ever increasing selection of mint records from this period. From massive selling artists like ABBA, Carpenters etc... which are only priced between 2.50 and 5, through to the ever collectable Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Genesis. For those looking for the tough to find items, we try to always have a selection of early Vertigo, Neons, Blue Horizon labels etc...

This section changes daily so phone if you want to know what original LPs are in stock. We have always some Beatles memorabilia available but this changes daily too.

Cliff Richard
An interesting variety of Cliff records and memorabilia in stock.


Elvis Presley
We always have an interesting selection of Elvis records from all over the world especially USA Pic cover 45s, UK Demos and Continental EPs as well as a large section of LPs. As for memorabilia we keep a selection of sheet music, vintage magazines, fan magazines, film stills and posters, HMV and RCA publicity flyers, bubble gum and calendar cards, books etc. as well as the occasional autograph.

Foreign records
Always a good selection of USA Picture sleeve 45s and European EPs BUT WE WANT MORE! If you are from overseas and you intend to visit us we will be glad to buy any foreign 1950s/1960s records of UK or US artists particularly in picture sleeves - so don't forget to bring them with you.

Sheet music
Large selection of sheet music (mostly pop) ranging from 50p up to £15.

Large range of memorabilia (all original) including Flyers. Record Label publicity, posters, pop programmes, and publicity photos relating to stars of the 1950s and 1960s.

Juke Box Records
In addition to our large collection of top graded records we also stock around 2000 original 45s in lesser conditions which are ideal for Juke Boxes. Mostly these are records which made the Top 40 between 1958 and 1968 and though only graded VG to VG+ they are guaranteed to play perfectly well. Sometimes they are EX to MINT but there may be writing on the labels or the centres may have been removed. Generally these are priced between £1 and £2.75 each.